Monday, 30 May 2016

Not a Superstar

Hello journal,
Just now, I browsed an instagram profile of a young bodybuilder with his selfie alongside another. Somehow it makes me realize when I was at his age, bodybuilding career was just a dream. Today, many guys are into this scene. They join tournaments and get instant camera attention not forgetting tons of followers on social media. For who I am today, such hype scenario is not written in my destiny. I am merely a typical 'kampung' gymguy. I am no superstar. I am no famous. I am no way near any stage or trophies. My bodybuilding stage is only in my spirit. It is unreal. My body is a regular. I do not diet nor crave for photographers' shots. If you think I have it all, think again bro. I am just an ordinary guy. My spirit torn apart everytime I see those Facebook photos or instagram uploads that used to create aspirations. Now, they become provocations. My muscle building is not grand. It is very simple. I do not own a name in the bodybuilding world. Yet, it is my lifestyle to build my self inside the gym. But, it is not my life to compete. I believe many other guys out there who read this particular post do aspire to be bodybuilders or at least a gymfreak. I am just a wannabe. Not your exclusive instagram profiler who uploads biceps shots or selfies with his bodybuilder buddy. I wake up and sleep in a silence of a dying bodybuilding spirit. What I want is to continue build muscle without anyone following me like I am a star and gain muscle as natural as possible. So long as God gives life within me, so long will I always be a gymguy. Peace.

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  1. adoyaiii...merecik tgok nipple bro tu..rasa nk jentik jek...hahahaha