Sunday, 24 January 2016

Well my journal blog is all things sexy

Hey bro
I try to cherish how I feel about myself. No longer a boyfriend, a lover or a scandal to anyone. I have done all and try to live as greatly as I could. This blog may contain sexual stuff that only a minority of us can understand or even accept. Videos and clips may not be entries but other bloggers have done that approach. My blog is all things gay and yes sometimes related to my inner alter ego and indeed about my surrounding emotion. Feel free to comment or drop a line to say hi. I would love to hear from you guys too. Our life is short so make it simple and straightforward. The photos herein are mine and I love to share with you out there because it is a kaleidoscope of my feeling. I want back my blogger status evolve to something nice and perhaps naughty too. Life is meaningful with some occasional sexy things yea? ^_^

Jurnal Arjuna Gym author.


  1. blog awak ... luahkan aje la apa yang awak nak luahkan ... malahan apa yang awak luahkan cuma perasaan terbenam awak sebagai seorang gay ... bukan luahan yang menyinggu perasaan orang lain ataupun menghina orang lain ... kenakalan juga salah satu sifat lelaki juga ... kenakalan yang seksi hehehe

    1. Heyy thanks..we live in a country where being us is ..very blogging is a way to freedom